The Freeman Institute® Foundation

The Freeman Institute® Foundation

The Freeman Institute® Foundation

Reaching this generation with high-impact, relevant resources
& educational/inspirational projects that are multicultural,
easy to duplicate, & economically sustainable.

i. to help subsidize open-registration, world-class leadership educational and entrepreneurial  workshop experiences for qualifying organizations – regardless of age, race, class or religious affiliation (some events especially designed for urban youth) – who would be unable to afford Dr. Freeman's normal, general market fees for such training. One seminar covers the "people" and "technical" side of the entrepreneurial pursuit.  Seminar titles include: "Dealing With People Who Drive You Crazy!"®,  "When Strangling Someone Isn't An Option",  "Diversity: The Value of Mutual Respect",  "If Nobody Loves You, Create The Demand"®, etc.
  Five Online Examples: a). Business Schools: b). Faith-Based Organizations: c). Nations: d) Military Bases: e). Corporations:




ii.  a). to develop a magazine, Everyday Matters®, designed to help people start meaningful conversations with co-workers, next door neighbors and complete strangers. This unique, general market magazine will be used by churches and other faith-based non-profit organizations to help with community outreach.

This same magazine model will be launched in Canada, throughout the UK, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and other English-speaking countries throughout the world.

b). to manufacture and donate already developed resources and also to create new educational and inspirational resources (books, CDs, DVDs, curricula), some of which will be translated into other languages and published in foreign editions.

Funds are being raised to donate different resources (CDs, DVDs, books) , including a DVD copy of the Return To Glory® film to prisons, jails, juvenile detention facilities, educational institutions in America, and international mission organizations.

The award-winning film has been translated into French, Portuguese and Spanish.  This translation work will permit the Foundation to donate copies of the DVD across Africa, parts of Europe and South America and the Caribbean.

The Next Generation workbook (Connecting Now with Later) will connect the contents of the book, "If Nobody Loves you, Create The Demand"® to young adults (15-26) interested in developing an entrepreneurial pursuit.
  Examples of Resources: Professional Bloodsuckers, Return To Glory®: The Powerful Stirring of the Black Man, If Nobody Loves You Create The Demand®, A White Man's Journey Into Black History®etc...

iii. to develop Black History galleries (executive summary here), designed to educate and inspire this generation. The Freeman Institute® owns a Black History collection of over 3,000 vintage documents and artifacts, with the oldest piece dated 1553. The goal is to develop Black History galleries, connecting the African American experience with galleries in major U.S. cities and in selected cities internationally (parts of Canada, Europe, Africa and South America and every Caribbean country). Each gallery will have a wall dedicated to some of the White abolitionists who sacrificed their lives for the anti-slavery cause. This project also includes the development and the  manufacture of replicas of the Rosetta Stone to be exhibited in every gallery. We'd love for community-based organizations, churches, and/or community colleges to be a part of sponsoring or hosting Black History galleries in major cities throughout the USA and parts of Canada. Read more about Dr. Freeman's personal story. (Email for more information.)

-- Dr. Freeman, the president of The Freeman Institute® Foundation, has created a digital model and mold and the fabrication of museum-quality replicas.  Why? A full life-size 3-D replica of the Rosetta Stone in each gallery provides a literal touchstone to ancient times and informs that Egypt is located in Africa, not the Middle East. It also provides a solid ancient historical context for the ups and downs of African American history.  Click to read about the Rosetta Stone Literacy Project and RS Replica Educational Exhibitions.

UPDATE: TFI Foundation is now in the beginning stages of launching "The Mysterious Rosetta Stone" -- a 5,000 sq. ft. exhibit that will travel around North America for 7 years (three 12-week venues per year).

In its beginning stages, this project will be filled with jaw-dropping technological wonders that will cause kids of all ages to drag their parents to it. Museums and Science Centers around the USA and Canada will lease the exhibit and millions of people will have way too much fun learning about the historical drama surrounding the Rosetta Stone and its impact on problem solving and cracking codes of all kinds.

Once the first exhibit is fabricated, we will then have the template to create any number of exhibits to set up separate "orbits" throughout Europe, South America, Africa, SE Asia, China, and more. Contact us (email) if you have any thoughts or ideas...

We will not reinforce the misguided notion that Black History started with slavery. Black History has its ancient roots firmly planted in creativity, inventiveness, ingenuity, royalty, perseverance and so much more, with many African Kingdoms (Ghanian, Songehay, Great Zimbabwe, Malian, etc.) -- providing a context for the documents and artifacts exhibiting the part African Americans played in the past four centuries of American history.
     -- What will it take for a local organization to start a Black History gallery? Each community will have its own adventures.   Click for an executive summary of the Black History Gallery Project.

We have developed an autoCAD design demonstrating how the square footage can look. The corporation funding the local effort can become the title sponsor of the gallery in their community. The economic viability of the gallery concept has already been completed. Each gallery can become a local "town well," where young people are mentored, families break the curse of debt, entrepreneurial dreams are fostered and lives are transformed.  Review: The Freeman Institute® Black History Collection of 3,000+ genuine documents and artifacts -- Rosetta Stone Replicas -- Review website

iv. to anonymously donate small amount of funds, after careful review, to any individual or organization that has demonstrated the thoughtful use of financial assistance. The funds may be given to anyone for charitable reasons, at the discretion of the directors. Funds are not given to those who are actively soliciting for funds, because then the gift would no longer be anonymous.  The anonymity of the foundation and its directors will always be retained.
  Purpose: Each gift is designed to encourage people by providing real-world financial assistance, with all acknowledgements going back to our Creator.




v.  to encourage (through "The Entrepreneurial Connection")  every school (Jr. High, Sr. High, College and University), church, community-based organization, prison, mentoring group, Job Corps site and community-based organization to develop an entrepreneur club. The goal is to inspire our next generation to dream big, research the marketplace and then to implement their viable business plans.

Dr. Freeman has developed the book/workbook combination designed to connect the contents of his book to specific audiences. The book/workbook combination  will give the necessary tools for organizations to start an entrepreneur club or to enhance an already existing entrepreneur club.

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