>>>>>>>  H O W   T H E   M O N E Y   I S   S P E N T <<<<<<<

>>>>>>> H O W T H E M O N E Y I S S P E N T <<<<<<<

>>>>>>>  H O W   T H E   M O N E Y   I S   S P E N T <<<<<<<

The Freeman Institute® Foundation (TFIF) functions under the umbrella of the United Caritable Programs, a unique 501(c)3 public charity designed to encourage philanthropy. We have worked with the staff at the UCP for well over twelve years and have been thrilled with the integrity of the organization.

TFIF is assigned a Project Director, who provides fiscal oversight. Under the watchful eye of the Project Director every penny is spent according to the purposes of the TFIF. At least three quotes for each phase of the projects we are initiating must be received and reviewed before a dime is spent.

The Freeman Institute® provides all of the necessary office space and supplies required to function. Seven percent of every dollar goes to the UCP administrative costs. All other funds go directly to the specified projects set up by TFIF.

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