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With travels to 55+ countries, Dr. Joel A. Freeman is the cofounder and coauthor of the K-12 Black History 365 curriculum that is being adopted by public and private schools across America. Over 550 of the rare images in the curriculum are from his collection.

Dr. Freeman’s Black History Collection contains ...

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Comprehensive Black History Collection

Genuine documents and artifacts from The Freeman Institute Black History collection (oldest piece dated 1551) have been showcased in a number of venues around North America, including the White House Communications, US Department of Justice, Frostburg State University, and also at the United Nations commemoration ...

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Donation of Relevant Historical Items for Educational Purposes

If you have any relevant historical documents, artifacts, old books, or photos to donate, please email a description of the piece and your contact information. All donations of historical artifacts, documents, photos, or books are only used for educational purposes and public display. Donors will receive a letter ...

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Arenas Of Expertise

  • Black History Collection
  • The Elephant Experience®
  • Black History Curriculum Writer
  • Black History Presenter
  • Rosetta Stone Aficianado
  • Cross Cultural Competence
  • Solutionist
  • Diversity Consultant
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