T H E   R O S E T T A   S T O N E   o f  R E P L I C A S

T H E R O S E T T A S T O N E o f R E P L I C A S

T H E   R O S E T T A   S T O N E   o f  R E P L I C A S

(1). CLASSIC ROSETTA: info/pricing -- Classic Rosetta -- PICTURED ABOVE...available!       full-size, stunning 3-D replica (approx. 45" high x 30" wide x 11" thick, 95 lbs). This model is the         most requested - especially for museum, library, educational exhibitions. The coloration will            be mixed into the resin, for durability & beauty...designed to mimic (as closely as possible)              the shape and the coloring of the genuine Rosetta Stone. White lettering for ease of reading.

(2). CLASSIC BRONZE ROSETTA: info/pricing -- Classic Bronze Rosetta -- available! limited edition (only 950) full-size, 3-D cold bronze model (resin & bronze). Black lettering.

(3). CLASSIC SILVER ROSETTA: info/pricing -- Classic Silver Rosetta -- available! limited edition (only 950) full-size, 3-D cold silver model (resin & silver). Black lettering.

(4). CLASSIC FINE ART BRONZE ROSETTA: info/pricing -- Classic Fine Art Bronze Rosetta       rare, limited edition (only 350) full-size, 3-D "lost-wax" bronze foundry process designed                 for highly valued fine art pieces that are immortalized in like manner -- in development       - CLASSIC / BRONZE / SILVER / FINE ART ROSETTA PEDESTAL BASES: info/pricing -- Exhibition 30" high x 28" wide base (with iron cradle option) to exhibit replica. (see 2 exhibition concepts below) -- in development stage

(5). CLASSIC ROSETTA, JR:     info/pricing -- Classic Jr. -- available!        2/3 size, 3-D replica (approx. 30" high x 20" wide x 7.5" thick, 25 lbs). Perfect for exhibition in school, museum or home.

(6). HYBRID ROSETTA:     info/pricing -- Hybrid Rosetta -- available!      unique, dual-purpose model: unscrew the top from the coffee table top and now you have a beautiful piece of archaeological art to hang on your wall.

HYBRID CONCEPTOne moment it's a coffee table. The next moment it's wall art!

TOP: White lettering.(40" long x 30" wide x 2.5" thick, 40 lbs.). The shape and depth of the top goes with the natural flow of the Rosetta Stone replica.   BASE/LEGS: One piece welded metal construction with twisted metal connecting the legs. The metal is covered with a matte black finish. This is just one design concept for the coffee table base (by Metal artisan, Ray Santa...owner and CEO of ChesapeakeIronWorks.com ).

(8). HOLOGRAPHIC ROSETTAinfo -- Holographic Rosetta -- in pre-development stage.         we are in the beginning stages of working on an absolutely stunning 3-D digital holographic image of            the Rosetta Stone that is suspended in mid air. The initial descriptions indicate that there is nothing else              like it -- to be made available for museum exhibits, special events, etc. An educational jaw-dropper...

Exhibition Pedestal Base Concept

We have recreated the cylinder of the original exhibition base you see in the image (London Illustrated, 1874) below, except there will be no square piece at the bottom of the pedestal base. These exhibition bases are comprised of a sand-filled, granite-like resin cylinder (about 30" tall x 30" across) -- available only for the life-size, Classic Rosetta models.

We also have another exhibition concept (designed especially for mobility...greater ease in shipping  the replica & base to/from trade shows, for instance), attaching the Rosetta Stone replica to a black matte pipe screwed into the bottom at a very slight forward angle. The other end of the pipe will be screwed into a large granite-like resin base filled with sand -- or a flat piece of steel. We are currently working on the viability/stability of the base concepts and the pricing of the exhibition base ideas. We will also be developing exquisitely framed copies of the 1874 London Illustrated image -->

It was originally thought by experts that the Rosetta Stone inscription was carved into basalt. But in recent years (after the cleaning in 2004) it has been determined that the genuine Rosetta Stone is actually granodiorite rock from an Aswan quarry (see samples below).

GRANODIORITE: This is a strange, mixed rock. It has a high quartz content, like a granite, but also a high mafic (amphibole/biotite) content (10-25%) more like a diorite. Granodiorite is typically intermediate colored with a mixture of light colored microcline, sodium plagioclase and quartz, and dark colored amphibole and biotite. The granodiorite from Aswan, however, is unusual in that its mafic content is 25-35% and this gives the rock a dark gray to nearly black color that is broken only by the occasional, large pink microcline and white plagioclase crystals.

We reached out to many geologists around the world trying to identify the specific variety of granodiorite used in the creation of the Rosetta Stone. Everyone we emailed stated that Dr. Harrell was the leading expert on the topic.

For 20 years Dr. James "Jim" Harrell (Professor Emeritus of Geology, University of Toledo) has been conducting a survey of Egypt's ancient mines and quarries. To date 210 mines and quarries have been identified. Dr. Harrell, an expert in archaeological stone, has traveled extensively throughout the region (sometimes at great personal peril), discovering that about 75% of the quarries are in or adjacent to the Nile Valley, including the quarries for granite and granodiorite in the Aswan region.

<< The color chips to the left were selected by Dr. Harrell and shown here (with his permission) as the best samples from his collection, representing the truest examples of granodiorite from the Aswan region used to create the original Rosetta Stone. We have utilized his hi-rez images to create the filler used to color the replicas during the resin casting process.

The Classic Rosetta, Classic Bronze, Classic Silver, Baby Rosetta and Hybrid Rosetta models are being fabricated by Mannetron, utilizing the Rotational Casting technology and will be hollow (about 1/2" thick, with an internal layer of high density foam), so that the shipping cost will be minimized. The foam will also strengthen the walls of each replica.

The Classic Fine Art Bronze and Bronze Plaque models are being fabricated by a foundry. The Classic "Lost Wax" Bronze Rosetta model will be made of real bronze, using the "lost wax" process that is utilized for highly valued fine art pieces that are immortalized in like manner. These bronze models will be about 1/2" thick and will weigh 3-4 times more than the resin models. Consider developing a "Legacy" or "Lifetime Achievement" Award in your community. A Bronze Rosetta would be the ultimate award, prized by anyone who receives such an honor.

Even though the main purpose for creating the Rosetta Stone Replicas has been to provide them as educational exhibits for the Black History galleries The Freeman Institute® Foundation is developing, there has been substantial interest from individuals and educational entities for purchasing certain models.

These stunning, museum-quality replicas will be expensive. It has been a long process (4+ years)...bringing this project to the point where we are almost ready to start the fabrication of replicas fit for public exhibition. Ask about discounts, available only for educational institutions, libraries & museums.

This is not a cheap "Made-In-China" assembly-line replica project. Nor is it a washed-out, flat resin copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of the face of the Stone, cast in someone's back yard.

Each Rosetta Stone replica (fabricated from a 1st-generation facsimile) is individually and lovingly hand crafted by artisans in an expert environment and will be as strong and as durable as a cultured marble-type counter top - 40% resin / 60% granodiorite filler.

The shipping, handling (including the construction of secure wooden box for transport), and insurance costs will be borne by the buyer. The cost of S&H and insurance will be determined by the final destination to which the replica will be shipped and the least expensive (yet secure) method of shipping via a credible shipper (preferably by air).

We absolutely guarantee that the replica will be delivered to the shipper in pristine condition. In the unlikely event of damage occurring during shipping...that will be taken up with the shipper's insurance company. The rule of thumb is that the quicker an object like this arrives, the less potential damage. Ground shipping will be the least-viable option.

Feel free to email us with your thoughts and questions. We look forward to providing full-size, 3-D, museum-quality replicas of the Rosetta Stone very soon. Rosetta Classic, LLC is listed at the American Association of Museum's "Museum Marketplace." All purchases of the Rosetta Stone replicas through Rosetta Classic, LLC will benefit the goals and objectives of  The Freeman Institute Foundation (see more info below), which is directed by Dr. Joel Freeman. Excellence. Satisfaction guaranteed. Period.

Feel free to take a look at the other Rosetta Stone-related items in The Freeman Institute® collection.

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