Two Manute Bol growth charts

Two Manute Bol growth charts

Two Manute Bol growth charts

Two Manute Bol growth charts. One is signed by Manute Bol, the 7'7" Center for the Washington Bullets, Golden State Warriors and Philadelphia 76ers. Read the tribute Joel Freeman (veteran chaplain for the Washington Bullets/Wizards, '79-'98) wrote about Manute.

-- A pair of basketball shoes worn by Manute in an actual NBA game in 1987, signed by #10, Manute Bol.

-- One hundred genuine copies of Manute Bol's Memorial Service at the Washington National Cathedral on June 29, 2010.

BACKGROUND: Former NBA player Manute Bol died June 19, 2010 at the age of 47. Many know him only because of his basketball career and because of his astounding height -he was 7′ 7″. But there was a lot more to the Sudanese star. Here is a tribute that was written before his death. "What truly made Manute Bol stand out though was not his height; rather, it was the humanitarian side of him that made you believe every effort he gave as a basketball player was meant to serve a higher cause and purpose. For Bol, that cause was trying to do whatever he could do to support the poor, destitute nation he was from. For example, Bol started the Ring True Foundation in an effort to deliver aid to his poor countrymen. Most of the $6 million Bol made playing basketball went to support Ring True. Bol also used his celebrity and peoples’ curiosity with his size to make extra money after his playing career was over. There was the celebrity boxing match with The Fridge as well as the time he suited up for the Indianapolis Ice of the Central Hockey League. In both cases the money he made went back to the Sudan. Bol also has been active politically in the Sudan, hoping to affect change that will improve conditions in the country."

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