The Crime Against Kansas

The Crime Against Kansas

The Crime Against Kansas

Hon. Charles Sumner (MA) "The Crime Against Kansas", given May 19, 1856 -- Passionate Anti-Slavery speech

(The speech that led to the near-fatal beating of Sumner at the hands of Congressman Preston Brooks -- 3 year recuperation, with some time spent in Europe.)

-- Hon. Charles Sumner (MA) "The Apologies for the Crime Against Kansas: The True Remedy", given May 19 and 20, 1856

-- "The Border Ruffian Code in Kansas", May 1856

-- "Subduing Freedom in Kansas", Report of the Congressional Committee, July 1, 1856

-- Speech of Hon. Howell Cobb, 1856. 16pp, 8vo, on the Resolutions reported by the Select Committee to investigate the alleged assault upon Senator Sumner by Mr. Brooks in the House of Representatives, July 10, 1856. This speech regards the physical assault on Senator Sumner by Mr. Preston Brooks on the floor of the Senate because of a vehement anti-slavery speech by Sumner. Brooks was a member of the House of Representatives from South Carolina.

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