Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute

Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute

Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute

A 1925 ladies class ring from the Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute. This college was founded in 1868 after the civil war and was for the American Indians and African Americans. The school is located in Hampton, Virginia and has a rich history. The ring was tested and is 14k gold weighing in at 4.9 grams (3.2 dwt). The ring is in good condition but some of the black enamel is chipped. The ring size is just over an 8. There are some initials inside the ring.

-- Signatures of three Native-American Indian students of Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute dated September 18, 1888: Joe LaRoche (from Lower Brule), Matthew Young Eagle (from Standing Rock) and Joseph Beaupre (from Yancton).

-- Rare First Edition (1893) of book, Twenty-Two Years' Work of the Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute -- Owned by W. L. Weaver. 520 pages. With historical and personal sketches and testimony on important race questions from within and without, to which are added, by courtesy of Messrs Putnam's Sons, N.Y., some of the Songs of the Races gathered in the School . Hampton Normal School Press. A look at the early days of Hampton University, when it was in its earlier incarnation of the "Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute," committed to the white man's education of African Americans and Native Americans. Almost the entirety of this book is taken up with fascinating short biographical sketches of former Hampton students (including Booker T. Washington) - their trials an tribulations, their successes and failures. This is the scarce first edition, not to be confused with the modern Kessenger Publishing Co. reprint. Hardbound, 520 pages plus several pages of the music and words from "Cabin and Plantation Songs As Sung by the Hampton Students;" includes the original folding sketch of the Institute and the one page map of the area. It is interesting that the bio sketches of Joe LaRoche, Matthew Young Eagle and Joseph Beaupre are all included in this fascinating volume

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