4th Annual Negro League Baseball Legacy Awards

4th Annual Negro League Baseball Legacy Awards

4th Annual Negro League Baseball Legacy Awards

Program (January, 2004) from the 4th Annual Negro League Baseball Legacy Awards -- Autographed by 27 former Negro League Players: Pancho Herera (deceased), William Blair, Ernie "Schoolboy" Johnson, John "Beach" Smith, Mack Pride, Enrique Maroto, Harold Gould, Charles Davis, James Woods, Red Moore, Ron Teasley, Sam Taylor, Johnny Washington, Henry Preswood, Nat Peeples, Jackson Owens, Andy Porter, Ross "Sarchell" Davis, Ollie Brantley, Eugene Smith, Joe B. Scott, Charles Johnson, Wilmer Harris (deceased), Jesse Rogers, Herb Simpson, Herman "Doc" Horn and Joe Douse. The autographs are in black Sharpie and were obtained in person during private signings. -- Imagine throwing your 50th lifetime no hitter and then walking home still wearing your dusty game clothes because you're not allowed to shower in the stadium you just helped sell out. Or, picture hitting the only home run ever out of Yankee Stadium and being told you can't celebrate with dinner in a restaurant down the road because of the color of your skin. Negro Baseball League players didn't have to imagine. These were real-life inequalities they dealt with on a daily basis from 1920 to 1947. After all, America was a segregated society in those days with 'No Blacks' on the doors of most hotels, restaurants, theaters, and restrooms, etc., all across America - with no Blacks in Major League Baseball either.

-- Autographed picture of celebrated Negro League pitcher, Satchel Paige.

-- Card autographed by Negro League player, Buck Leonard.

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