4-Page contract (1935)

4-Page contract (1935)

4-Page contract (1935)

Absolutely rare original 4-Page contract (1935) between the Lindy Hoppers and Samuel Goldwyn. Signing twice are George "Shorty" Snowden, Freddie Lewis, Madeline Lewis, Beatrice Gay, Beatrice Elam and Leroy Jones. They were paid $2,500 for a week's service. Research has determined that this document is most probably the contract for the film short, "Ask Uncle Sol". One-of-a-kind! (see below)...
-- We also have a copy of the "Ask Uncle Sol" film).

-- Rare authentic (10" 78rpm) record (Brunswick) of Count Basie and his orchestra with the song, "Shorty George." It is a familiar mistake to think the Count Basie (and other star's) recording of "Shorty George" referred to Snowden. It doesn't. Band members were quite clear about its relevance to a mythical "Shorty George" who was being commemorated in song before Snowden had even invented the Lindy Hop.

-- Scarce (10" 78rpm) record (Decca) Lil Armstrong (Louis' wife) and her Swing Orchestra with the song, "Lindy Hop." (1937). Decca #1388.
-- Vintage (10" 78rpm) record (The Gramophone Company, Middlesex, England) Duke Ellington & his Orchestra with the song "That Lindy Hop" music by Eubie Blake and lyrics by Andy Razaf (recorded June 12, 1930). #B.6355.
-- Also a vintage 1943 Life Magazine photographic essay on "The Lindy Hop", which was considered a national folk dance. "One evening in 1927, after Lindbergh's flight to Paris, some young Negro couples began improvising eccentric off-time steps in a corner of the Savoy Ballroom in Harlem. On the sidelines a connoisseur of dancing names, 'Shorty George' Snowden watched critically, then muttered, 'Look at them kids hoppin' over there. I guess they're doin' the Lindy Hop."
: The aforementioned quote from the 1943 Life magazine has no prior existence before 1943. In other words, it must have been contrived by a Life journalist. None of the prior accounts of the creation of the dance and its naming, including the actual 1928 newspaper reports agree with this. Yet unfortunately this account, plus some additions from a DANCE magazine article of 1956 have gone into wide circulation now and are regarded as the gospel truth.

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